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Fiberglass profiles - MINBUD

Since the foundation in 1982, the company focused on the production of a variety of solutions from plastic. Currently, Minbud manufactures pultruded fiberglass, FRP profiles combined with resins in the pultrusion technology, which allows to create products with unique properties, which have found application across different industries.

The extensive offer includes nowadays over 40 different products, made of e.g. HDPE, PP, PVC, ABD and other materials. Professional tool department allows the company to comprehensively answer the requirements of demanding customers.

Thanks to innovative solutions and close cooperation with customers, the company has managed over the years to achieve one of the leading positions on the market, amongst the most experienced and reliable designers, manufacturers and distributors of fiberglass profiles.


Fiberglass, FRP profiles

Over the years the application of products manufactured with the use of pultrusion technology has been constantly growing. FRP, fiberglass profiles are basically a combination of fiber and special resins, which results in amazing technical parameters of the final product. Currently, they are applied for instance by the construction sector, chemical or mining industry, in sports and numerous other areas.

Their wide usage is connected with numerous advantages they offer, especially in comparison with traditional solutions. Amongst the most important are:
  • excellent mechanical properties – comparable with steel at much lower weight,
  • perfect electrical and magnetic isolation – they can be used in places where the risk is increased,
  • great thermal isolation,
  • resistance to corrosion and chemical materials.

What is more, fiberglass, FRP profiles can be manufactured in virtually any color. As a result they are universally applied by a growing number of companies operating in different industries.